Channel Engineering was established in 2008 by Graham Clark, a mechanical & electrical engineer with over 30 years experience working in many varying industries. Graham realised that there was a need for a specialist mechanical & electrical fabrication engineering firm in the south east, and Channel Engineering was born.

In recent years Channel Engineering has become a family run company by taking onboard multiple new members, this has allowed us to advance and branch out into different sectors of the industry. Allowing us to deploy more staff into different areas such as growing our Construction and Building maintenance portfolio.

The idea behind Channel Engineering is to provide efficient cost-effective solutions to the many engineering and construction problems faced by industries. And by providing the correct skills, knowledge and experience we believe a solution can be found at the lowest possible cost, in the shortest possible time. Therefore Channel Engineering will always ensure that the right engineer is sent to the right job. How do we achieve this? As soon as the client contacts us, we aim to quickly develop a strong communication link. We ask for detailed descriptions of the problem, for specifications of plant and machinery, for photographs where relevant, and all previous paperwork relating to the task. From this we can quickly establish the nature of the client’s needs and prepare to send out the engineer with the most relevant skills, knowledge and most importantly experience.

Channel Engineering also maintains strong links with other engineering companies and agencies across the South East, enabling us to bring in expertise from other fields at very short notice. This extra depth of knowledge allows us to provide an unparalleled level of service, with less scope for error, and a greater ability to cut costs for the client.

If your company requires first class engineering support, please contact Channel Engineering to see how we can meet your needs.

We have worked with some of the biggest names in the engineering industry and like to think our great work ethos and attention to detail has created an attractive service.

Channel Engineering is committed to reducing the environmental impact of it’s actions. Through a policy of constant awareness and consideration, we believe it is possible to always provide a solution that minimises the cost to the planet.

To go in hand with our sustainability initiative we have teamed up with Ecologi, who is a company that helps reduce carbon footprint by planting Trees across the globe. By monthly funding we are on our way to have helped plant over 1000 trees. In turn this offsets Channel Engineering’s carbon footprint.